In Latin, the word “doctor” actually means “to teach”. Therefore, our mission is not only to provide affordable and efficient care, but also, to educate and reassure our patients through the use of simple, everyday technology in their journey towards recovery.

Founder & Medical Director - Dr Ng Zhi Yang

Dr Ng has well-rounded experience in Plastic Surgery & Burns, Orthopaedics & Hand Surgery, General Surgery (including Paediatric Surgery) and Aesthetic Medicine in the US, UK and Singapore. He has a keen interest in laceration repairs, burns and wound management, and has refined his techniques over the years to minimize scarring in both adults and children while remaining safe at the same time.

Dr Ng also has a special interest in evidence-based practices. This has been his philosophy since his medical school days in the UK, and subsequently at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School where he served as a research fellow in Plastic Surgery. He remains an active researcher on these topics in wound care and delivery. 


We have encountered, over the years, many patients who were left frustrated simply because they had way too many doctors, nurses and visits! And this is not really anyone’s fault because that is just the way healthcare systems are designed – to make money from each encounter. We sincerely believe that all it takes is just a little bit more time, and being readily available for our patients, for a fuss-free and dare we say, enjoyable experience. Doctor Stitch was set up with this in mind, so that we can spend more time with our patients, albeit remotely, from the start to end of their journey towards recovery. 


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