Why choose us?

While there are other mobile medicine services that may provide similar wound treatment services on an ad hoc basis, they may not have doctors who have dedicated themselves to wound care. We are 100% focused on treating cuts, burns and wounds and employ a variety of time-tested techniques based on the latest research evidence. Your outcomes and satisfaction absolutely matter to us!

Why trust us?

We are doing this not only to provide convenience but help reduce the workload and strain on our public healthcare system. Most importantly, we have passion in what we do and genuinely enjoy our work.

Can you treat children as well?

Children under the age of 12 may not be able to fully cooperate with our treatment process. Nevertheless, we are more than happy to provide a consultation and will accept selected cases on an ad hoc basis. Please know that we are actively investigating various solutions to extend our services to the little ones.

Do you accept insurance or Medisave etc.?

Unfortunately, house call services in Singapore are currently not claimable through medical insurance, which necessitate hospital admissions. In fact, the costs of A&E visits have to be paid out of pocket as well. We have been informed by previous patients though that they were successful in claiming for our services under “outpatient” benefits. We are also more than happy to help with the necessary paperwork etc. for personal accident claims. 

Are you licensed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore?

Due to ongoing revision in the Healthcare Services Act (HCSA), mobile medicine and telemedicine providers currently do not have nor require a specific license (anticipated only ~ Q3 2022), unlike private hospitals and clinics (PHMC) (see this). Nevertheless, we have acted according to current MOH recommendations by engaging them prior to launching, and have received the go-ahead with our proposed service, with the eventual aim of becoming an active sandbox provider.


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