"A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words"

There’s a lot of information (and misinformation) out there. We want the best for our patients and are more than happy and keen to help, so:

1. Contact us via WhatsApp (for emergencies) or email/use the contact form to set up a FREE doctor’s consultation

2. After sending us pictures of the affected area, we will advise if you can be treated safely at home

3. A quote for the total bill will be provided upfront, no hidden charges  

4. An individualized care plan, medical certificate (if necessary) and invoice will be emailed to you

FOR EMPLOYERS (e.g. F&B, house renovation etc.)

1. The cost of medical insurance for employees or workers is expensive but often, still inadequate for hospital-based care in Singapore.

2. Workers may avoid or delay seeking care due understandably, to the fear of high medical bills; this eventually snowballs into the need for more days off on MC and in turn, affects the running of employers’ businesses.

3. Doctor Stitch can provide on-site services for the majority of conditions that most workers may encounter in their line of work and we can provide not only treatment but medication and MCs as well. Most importantly, unlike hospital services, our fees have been kept low and we will only perform procedures that will actually make a difference to our patients.  


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