"A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words"

There’s a lot of information (and misinformation) out there. We want the best for our patients and are more than happy and keen to help, so:

1. Contact us via WhatsApp (for emergencies) or email/use the contact form to set up a FREE doctor’s consultation

2. After sending us pictures of the affected area, we will advise if you can be treated safely at home

3. A quote for the total bill will be provided upfront, no hidden charges  

4. An individualized care plan, medical certificate (if necessary) and invoice will be emailed to you

FOR EMPLOYERS (e.g. F&B, house renovation etc.)

1. The cost of medical insurance for employees or workers is expensive but often, still inadequate for hospital-based care in Singapore.

2. Workers may avoid or delay seeking care due understandably, to the fear of high medical bills; this eventually snowballs into the need for more days off on MC and in turn, affects the running of employers’ businesses.

3. Doctor Stitch can provide on-site services for the majority of conditions that most workers may encounter in their line of work and we can provide not only treatment but medication and MCs as well. Most importantly, unlike hospital services, our fees have been kept low and we will only perform procedures that will actually make a difference to our patients.  


In the comfort of your own home

Contact Us:

WhatsApp call: +65-8930-6137

Doctor Stitch
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Vanessa Barger
Vanessa Barger
Doctor Stitch is the medical service contact we all need! Dr Ng was fantastic – personable, great bedside manner and yet direct. I had a sebaceous cyst removed and stitched up by him and throughout the process he made me feel at ease and safe. Healing was uneventful (IDEAL!!!) and didn’t interfere with what I needed to do day-to-day. I had my stitches removed by Dr Ng as well and am pleased to share that it was a swift and pain-free process. Would recommend to bookmark this service in your contacts – you really never know when you need the medical help and it is incredibly convenient versus making the trek to a clinic or hospital. Thank you Dr Ng!read more
Gilbert Oh
Gilbert Oh
I had an unfortunate accident on my big toe, and was deciding whether to go to a hospital A&E, but risk waiting for a long time, especially amidst the current COVID-19 situation.I fortunately chanced upon Doctor Stich on the internet, and sent a whatsapp message to Dr Ng and his team. I received a reply very swiftly, and after a short consultation, decided to engage their services. The team arrived within 1/2 hour after the confirmation message. The costs were quoted upfront, which I readily accepted because of the convenience and their professionalism. The team was consistently reassuring, and there was step-by-step explanation of what I should expect. There were no hidden costs involved, and after the procedure, there were several follow up messages to check in on my wound and recovery process. Responses by Dr Ng were always speedy. I strongly recommend Doctor Stich for any mishaps resulting from home more
Dan Mountstephen
Dan Mountstephen
Amazing Dr Ng diagnosed over WhatsApp and here within 30 mins stitched up and on with my day 30 mins more. Prices are very reasonable and far preferable to spending half a day at the hospital! Bravo for Dr Stitchread more
Chen Kai Ng
Chen Kai Ng
Dr Stitch arrived in under a hour to help stitch a facial Injury (gash under the eyebrow) with minimal fuss/ pain. The wound’s healing pretty nicely and hardly visible one month after the accident – ie I’m still looking as handsome as ever 😂Thanks for a job well done Dr Stitchread more
Easterina Lim
Easterina Lim
Thank you so much Dr Stitch!My 4yo slipped and fell on freshly mopped floor resulting in a cut under her chin. Due to Covid-19 and circuit breaker measures, I am hesitant to bring her to hospital for a check. Luckily our friend recommended Dr Stitch house call services which eases my concerns and manage to get my girl treated within an hour! Dr Stitch patiently explained to us -how he will proceed with treatment after checking on my girl – not just her wound but also her jaw, etc which certainly helped calm our nerves! We are very thankful as my girl’s wound heal very nicely without scarring!!Highly recommended and thanks once again, Dr Stitch!!! 🙏🏻👍🏻👏🏻read more
Soh Yi Ling
Soh Yi Ling
As my wound made walking difficult, I found the idea of a 24 hour service house call convenient, especially since I needed the medical attention urgently at night. I wasn’t sure what kind of medical attention I needed but their WhatsApp consultation proved useful. Doctor Stitch did a great job cleaning and stitching up my wound neatly. And the care doesn’t just stop after the procedure as he would follow up on my condition meticulously every few days/week to check that the wound was healing nicely, which is something you don’t get at a regular clinic. Definitely 5 star more
Roronoa Ridhwan
Roronoa Ridhwan
Dr Stitch manage to heal my ingrown fingernail. And monitored my condition for 2 weeks to check if I’m recovering well. Thank you for the quick response and service 👍read more
Jiabin Loo
Jiabin Loo
Dr Stitch is not only very proficient at what he does, but he is also very meticulous as well. Even though he travels from place to place, his standards of hygiene and sanitation is top class. His level of skill is also very high, after the procedure, my affected area looks almost as good as new (excluding the stitches). This goes beyond appearances, as the level of skill Dr Stitch demonstrated also allows my affected area to heal quickly and more
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